Medical Professionals Forget to Address These Serious Mental Tolls of The COVID-19 Pandemic:



It is said by doctors, scientists, psychologists, and philosophers that all sickness starts 
from the mind. If you constantly worry for your health, known as hypochondria, you will eventually get sick. It is proven that if you believe you're sick and or that you will get sick you most likely will get sick; people that tend to worry less and just live their daily lives have a mental immunity to sickness and get sick a lot less often. 

Stress and anxiety play a big role in your physical health; being a hypochondriac is not going to keep you safe. From a scientific standpoint this is because stress causes great wear on the body. Stress and anxiety cause your immune system to be lowered because your wearing out your nervous system and it doesn't know when to return to its natural state thus causing your immune system to be lowered due to over use AKA "wear and tear". When your immune system is lowered you can put your self at a greater risk of getting sick. Additionally by stopping your life and trapping yourself in your home, ridding yourself of the necessary bacteria needed to strengthen your immune system causes you to become sick. 


 In this pandemic most people are afraid of catching COVID-19, and those very people that fear it the most and isolate themselves are the ones who catch it most. Yale University did a research on this and showed that psychiatric people are 50% more likely to succumbing to COVID-19. Though this also applies to any disease because as discussed before stress and anxiety lower the immune system and that is always going to be a risk whether it be a cold or Marburg. Nonetheless its safe to say that stressing less, is best. 

Mental illness has drastically gone up throughout 2020 due to the corona virus pandemic. Most people are getting depressed, anxious, stressed, and suicidal. 

Suicide rates have gone up during the pandemic due to loss of jobs, loss of family members, stuck with abusive guardians, lack of social interaction (extreme isolation), new formed depressions and people who previously had depression and other mental illnesses.
It is obvious that staying home and isolating yourself is not healthy and that stressing and being anxious will only make your state physical state worse especially if you already have comorbidities such as diabetes, STDS, bronchus, and Et cetera. 


Isolation is not good for anyone! Humans are social creatures and are made to interact with one another. Interacting with other humans gives many health benefits. Your body produces anti-bodies making you stronger, and your mental health stays in check. 
When we interact with people we like our brains release chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and serotonin. These are what's called "happy chemicals" because these chemicals play a big part in how we feel pleasure. A decrease in these chemicals can cause mental illness and can cause disbalance or disharmony to the body. Isolation causes these chemicals to go down unless you have something that enthralls you and takes the place of human interaction, but if you find that your constantly tired, eating less, feeling unmotivated, and are fatigued even though you're doing things you generally love or enjoy, this may be because of a lack of those chemicals and you need some form of social interaction.

Isolation causes diseases in people such as dementia at a 50% risk increase, and heart disease increase by 29%  and stroke at 32% increase according to CDC. Having diseases already puts you at higher risk thus making it so that you can catch sickness more easily. 

It is proven that mentally strong or healthy people live longer and get sick less. When you are mentally healthy you can lower your 50% increase of catching heart diseases, according to Harvard University on their studies on Happiness and Health. Heart disease puts you at a greater risk of death for Covid because it is a respiratory virus. 

According to American Heart Association, by 2035 130 million U.S. citizens will have heart disease, thus meaning that the numbers keep rising. There are many things that go into the causes of heart disease, such as smoking, high blood pressure, and lack of exercise; isolation and ill mental health is one of them and since psychiatric numbers keep going up, heart disease and ill immunity will too. 


To prevent these things you can do several activities such as getting a pet for companionship, going outside more (specifically taking in more sun), playing in the dirt and touching nature, exercising, eating healthier foods, calling your friends more, playing games with friends online, spending more time with friends and family if no one cares to, trying out new hobbies such as art, dance, singing, playing sports, gaming, programming, reading more, playing an instrument, and Et cetera. Doing something that stimulates the brain is always beneficial and doing these things during a pandemic is always an extra help.


If you have any virus or transmittable sickness than you should isolate yourself for about 1-2 weeks and eat healthy foods, drink lots of fluids, take in the sun, and try not to interact with anyone to not get them sick if it is understood that, that person does not want to be sick. Not by any means should any contagious person roam about, in that case than isolation is necessary until quarantine for them is over.


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