Miley Cyrus Usa big distraction vs World biggest event.

Miley Cyrus in the pass few days has been one of the biggest scandal lately or should we say distraction to all american people and world .
Isn't it very strange that we can easily lose focus from War on (Syria) to a ridiculous show on vma like Miley Cyrus put up last Sunday night , last time I checked USA was about to have a military strike on Syria Regime well where is the media now? Well they are talking about Miley Cyrus on Monday morning WOW what way to change values and priorities against something useless .
In a mean time behind the scenes USA already is deciding your future by declaring War against a country that Russia fully support ,what ? Russia ! That's right Vladimir Putin insist "we have no real evidence that Bashar Assads Regime used chemical weapon against Syria citizens.  
Hello anybody there or everyone still getting fooled by the media ?
Please lets wake up america .
Is time to get behind the news .