Facing New World Order

Well according to the news we are facing some illegal activity's from al-Assad regime and we need to stand by human rights and world regulations .
Ok we all understand that but who are crazy enough to go to a place that we have no proof whatsoever that Bashar al Assad used in fact a chemical weapon against his own people and start a War and than what? whats is the exit strategy ? 

President Obama said that he have all the Power as the Commander and Chef of the greatest nation in the world to decide and take any necessary action to prevent or to punish Syria (Bashar al-Assad) regime .
Wow where is the american people ?where is the commitment with the citizens of this great nation ?where is our rights ?
I believe as much you do that Barack Obama is just following his agenda ,that's right !! his is doing what it takes to brings us to a place of chaos, so than later they come up with some solutions .
They create the problem and than they offer a solution but the solution is not always the best thing because now we don't have much choice .
World war lll is right around the corner and some people just don't get it.
Russia more than ever became very powerful and they are desperate to show the world !!
Vladimir Putin already said that he will support Bashar al Assad and will be ready for anything, in another words we want War with the greatest country USA .
Please re post the link and lets try to keep informed