Family Releases Woman Kidnapped.


Marcus Arceneaux carries his niece, Bethany Arceneaux, to a vehicle after it was rescued from an empty house in Duson, Louisiana,pt
After police efforts were unsuccessful, the family of a woman kidnapped demonstrated why it is important to maintain the second amendment intact  , when a family took matters into their own hands last Friday. Confronted the kidnapper in his hideout and killed him, rescuing the victim. 
Louisiana USA's family decided to take justice into their own hands when they heard where the victim could possible be, all together they decided to find her, armed and willing to bring back . 
The authorities at that time were looking for the victim as well, but the family took action, they entered the abandoned property and found Bethany Arceneaux wounded, they exchanged gunfire with the suspect  and killed him (  Scott Thomas  29 years) ex-boyfriend of  Bethany Arceneaux also 29. 
Till now nobody faced any charges against anyone in the family Arceneaux . J├║dice confirmed that initial investigations into the incident revealed that Arceneauxs were acting in defense of the victim.

Note "things like that they don't promote in the MEDIA because we all know that GUNS don't kill people, people kill people.
By :FJP