13 year old Girl and two friends kill a man and tried to remove his HEART

The brutal crime happened late on Thursday ( April 2014 ) and shocked the authorities of St. Anthony of Discovered ( GO ) in the Vicinity of the DF region.
A 13 year old girl and two friends , each of 16 years, with the victim, who was of age ( 40 ) and using drugs when there was a misunderstanding . The man had sold the clothes to buy drugs .
Outraged , the two teenagers took an iron bar and hit the victim's head , which was also attacked with a knife three times .

Then the girl, taking the man which was already unconscious on the floor, but alive, struck alone over 18 stab wounds on his back. For two hours, the victim was tortured with cruelty by minors.

As if this were not enough , one of the them took a scissors and pierced the heart of the man several times . The three Kids really acted with intent to kill. Barbaric and cruel crime.
After committing the murder, the three kids fled and returned at around 23h to remove the body from the place . They wrapped the victim in a blanket and threw in an abandoned field.
Apart from all this is still not enough teenagers were still the residence of a resident to ask for water and showed a video which showed the victim agonizing and suffering before he died .

"This kind of brutality among young minors in Brazil is becoming increasingly common , Why ?
The government is not worried?
The education system does not work ?
These questions and more will be other unanswered until the people come together to change this situation that it is going from bad to worse in the country that says (peaceful) ".