Boston Bombing victim is suing Glenn Beck for defamation.

Glenn Beck Host of The Blaze show.
Saudi Arabian Abdulrahman Alharbi is suing
conservative journalist Glenn Beck who commented live in his Radio and TV show back in April last year 2013 that Alharbi was one of the persons involved in the bombing that caused 3 deaths and many others injured .
Alharbi attorneys filed a lawsuit last week March 28 to the United States district court of Massachusetts.
Indeed Alharbi was questioned by the authorities among many others and after released .
Glenn Beck quote "The money man" he referring to Alharbi .
Attorneys for Alharbi are asking the court to determine the amount of damages they think the alleged defamation brought on by Beck caused, and are hoping to have legal costs incurred by the defense as well.
As of Tuesday morning, Beck had yet to respond publically to the lawsuit.