Drone accident in Pennsylvania over elementary School?

The accident happened in Pennsylvania close to a elementary School this past Thursday afternoon  in Lebanon County.
The neighbors heard the crash on Thursday afternoon, and they are very concern about this flying drones over their property, not only the privacy is been compromised but as well their safety explain neighbors.

The DRONE an RQ7 Shadow model, weighting almost 400-pounds, According to Major Ed Shank, a public affairs officer for the Pennsylvania National Guard,  the Drone engage in "training exercise" and WHY was flying above the elementary school Lickdale is yet unknown.

“Here at Fort Indiantown Gap, that's the first time something like this has happened,” Maj. Shank told WHTM News in Lebanon. “When it does happen we investigate it very thoroughly to figure out what happened and then let the public know and let our own aviators know so that it doesn't happen again.”

Story by:warbroad
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