Nearly "TWO MILLION IMMIGRANTS has been deported by Obama administration"

Nearly two million immigrants has been deported by Obama administration since he become President,
Obama administration said "we will treat this matter very serious", in a new report, the Times found that, roughly 66 percent (deported) involve those who've committed “minor infractions” such as traffic violations. Meanwhile, about 20 percent were convicted of various crimes, including drug-related offenses.
According to the Times, cases in which undocumented immigrants have been deported for violating traffic laws (including driving under the influence) have surged in the five years Obama has been in office. During George W. Bush’s last five years in office, there were 43,000 such deportations. Under Obama, that number has jumped to 193,000.
Now we all know that Obama was elected by the "Latinos" community and immigrants in general, Obama made a remarkable  speech that lead him to the top back in 2004 on "Democratic national convention" in Boston Massachusetts, and then in 2008 he also talk about immigration reform.
And he also talk about families been broken apart "when nursing mothers are torn from their babies", and more.
Well even know it sound very good back in 2008, that's not necessarily truth now days, more families has been separated in 5 years than the Bush administration according to Times report.