Want to sleep well? Check out simple steps to make your sleep night a dream come true

From empty stomach to full or concerns and worries, see a dozen attitudes that could be taking your sleep away!
Some of these problems may be the result of bad habits in time to prepare for sleep. Check out some of these fads that may be taking you sleep:
1. Sleeping with the TV on or bring laptop , tablet and smart phone to bed

The biggest problem of television, laptop , tablet and smart phone is not the distraction they provide, but the type of lighting that radiates . " The artificial white light these devices inhibits the production of melatonin , the hormone responsible for stimulating sleep ," explains Denis Martinez , sleep doctor and researcher of CNPq productivity . Thus , the body remains awake for longer than it should , and when delivery to fatigue , experiencing a sleepless night with interruptions .

2 . Do not slow down before going to bed

Going to bed soon after an intense mental or physical activity will only bring frustration , because the person can not sleep soon , "says Rizzo . To avoid rolling in bed for hours , he recommends be adopted monotonous tasks in the hours before sleep , how to fix something in the house (something very basic, is not to change the furniture around ) or do crosswords and sudoku .

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3 . Taking drinks with caffeine at night

Soda, coffee, tea and yerba mate contains caffeine, a stimulant that delays the arrival of sleep. " In addition , caffeine impairs the quality of hours slept . Ideally these drinks leave aside at least an hour before going to bed , "suggests Martinez .

4 . Smoking shortly before trying to sleep

Like caffeine , nicotine is a stimulant. If smoking is unavoidable ( even though all the harm that cigarettes cause health ) , the last puffs should be given within one hour before retiring to the bedroom.

5 . Consuming alcoholic beverages at night

According to Rizzo , one of the oldest and largest mistakes is to find a drink help you have a night of deep rest . " Although most people relax , alcohol provides a fragmented sleep , which does not pass through all the stages . The result will be very tired the next day, "says

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6 . Ingesting calming or relaxing without prescription

Any medication should be used only with the guidance of a physician , but still there are those who will risk taking a sedative or muscle relaxant prescribed to a friend to try to sleep. Rizzo does not approve of the attitude and explains that " drugs are only considered as a last resort . Moreover, they may have different effects from person to person , rather than help you sleep , wake her even more . "

7 . Do not prepare the environment

A noisy, poorly lit and air-conditioned room to sleep does not help anyone. Martinez gives the formula for the ideal environment : quiet , dark ( with windows and curtains closed ) and temperature between 17 ° C and 27 ° C.

8 . Bring concerns to bed

" Head full of problems not let a responsible person to sleep . It inevitably will with subjects running in thinking , "says Rizzo . Therefore , all emails should be forwarded and any disputes resolved the day before going to bed . It is best to stay awake longer to ensure peaceful mind time to throw it on the pillow .

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9. Not find your ideal sleeping position

As each body has its own peculiarities , Rizzo argues that there is no rule as to the sleeping position . But finding the ideal position , be it prone, supine ( belly- up) or sideways, is essential for a good night 's sleep .

10 . Going to bed hungry or thirsty

" At some point , the desire to eat or drink a glass of water will be stronger than the fatigue , and the person to raise it," Rizzo bet . Conclusion : sleep interrupted and compromised quality of rest.

11 . Go to bed right after a big meal

Sleep is impaired by illness , coughing , panting and flow that can arise in this situation because , as explained Martinez , " digestion is interrupted when the person lies down and the food get stuck in the stomach ." The ideal is to make the last meal of the day at least one hour before going to bed . Do not worry about the chance of having nightmares , however . " That is a myth ," Rizzo guarantee .

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12 . Not give due importance to your sleep problems

In some cases , sleepless nights are caused not only by poor sleep hygiene . " Most people think that poor sleep is a nonsense that will resolve itself over time . There is and can lead to more dangerous diseases like heart problems , "says Martinez . If the quality of rest does not improve even with all the care taken daily , it is essential to look for a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders so that the problem is diagnosed and treated .