Why carbohydrate give you a 'belly'?

As it has a high glycemic index, ends up stored as fat; only integrals contribute to good digestion
Breads, cakes, cookies and pastries. This delicious temptation can cause a tremendous problem if you don't have the proper life style. After consumed, white carbohydrates easily grow into fat that settles primarily in the belly which is hard to lose once you have!! , explains Viviane Pereira, Nutritionist Green World, because the abdominal region is easier to store fat. "Carbohydrates and fats are the main suppliers of energy in the body and are stored so that there is power available at times when food is not consumed, such as during a night's sleep."
The problem is when you save excess body fat. The white carbohydrate to be digested turns into glucose, which falls into the bloodstream. But the blood can not be "sweet".And the responsible "cleaning" to turn glucose into energy is insulin. If you have too much glucose, also has lots of energy. If it is not spent through physical exercises is stored as fat in the most fateful first place: the belly.
So know that we all know that facts and how to prevent a "belly" and future problems on your health, so maintaining a great life style is exercising at least two times a week that's the minimum we all can do for having a better life and energy for a everyday routine.